Farm experience

Holidays at the Heideggerhof are an experience for the whole family! The farmhouse is surrounded by enchanting vineyards, settled nicely between the gentle hills of the mediterranean region. The inviting atmosphere on the farm is the perfect setting for some relaxing days; the life on the farm is full of adventures and surprises.


History Since 1956 the farm has been managed by the family Heidegger. They cultivate apples and vine, which is typical for this southern region of South Tyrol. The mild climate and a lot of sunshine let many different tipes of vines and fruits grow. On the farm, you live the everyday life of the farmers yourself. The cock and the chickens are cackling, rabbits run around the yard and over the fields, the pony looks cheekily and whimsically over the fence. Alfred is proud to introduce his guests into his work as a farmer. He explains what apples and vines need over the year and let you try some of his homemade wine. When the grapes are ripe in autumn, the family delivers most of them to the local winery. They keep a small amount of it to make their own wine on the farm. Every year this as a big event; then, the wine can be tried and when a nice atmosphere comes up, some friendship will begin. Come in and enjoy the life on a farm, the history of wine, which is since a long time so characteristic for the town of Caldaro.